Huevos Rancheros Tostada

A classic Mexican breakfast “Ranch Eggs” are fried eggs served on hot corn tortillas smothered in salsa with tangy cotija to top it off.


Corn Tortilla l Refried Black Beans l Salsa Cotija Cheese l Cilantro Eggs l Chorizo Avocado



Allergens: Dairy (cheese)

Pork (chorizo)

Birria Tostada

Our slow-cooked beef breakfast tostada style with fried eggs and signature Roja hollandaise.


Tater Tots I Eggs I Oaxaca Cheese I Roja I Hollandaise I Birria



Allergens: Dairy (Cheese, Hollandaise)

Pork (Birria cooked in lard)

Breakfast Chiliquiles

Our Roja tossed tortillas loaded with breakfast eggs, corn, and black beans. Spicy!


Eggs I Cilantro I Corn I Black Beans I Caramelized Onions I Tortilla Chips I Pico de Gallo I Salsa I Roja Chorizo



Allergens: Pork (Chorizo)

Breakfast Poutine

Decadent hangover breakfast Calavera style! Crispy tater tots smothered in a cheese sauce and Roja hollandaise with spicy chorizo and spicy pickled peppers to top it off.


Tater Tots I Eggs I Cheese Sauce I Pickled Shishito Peppers I Roja I Hollandaise I Chorizo



Allergens: Dairy (Cheese, Hollandaise)

Pork (Chorizo)

Mushroom Tostada

Fried tortilla loaded with rich mushrooms topped with creamy goat cheese and tasty Roja.


Tater Tots l  Eggs Roja l Hollandaise l Goat Cheese l  Shitake Mushroom l Mushroom Sliced Thinly



Allergens: Dairy (Cheese, Hollandaise)



Shakshuka is a classic Israeli-style breakfast that we’ve put our Mexican twist on cotija instead of feta. The eggs are poached in the tomato stew.


Eggs I Chicken I Tinga Stew I Cotija Cheese I Cilantro


Allergens: Dairy (Cheese)

Breakfast Gorditos


Hardshell taco covered in melted cheese and wrapped in a grilled flour tortilla. Stuffed with the cheesy eggs and Mexican chorizo mix. 

Flour Tortilla I Shredded Cheddar Eggs I Chorizo I Corn I Black Beans I Tater Tots


Allergens: Gluten (Tortilla)

Dairy (Cheese)

Pork (Chorizo)

Churro Souffle Pancakes

Fluffy Japanese style pancakes with our Ibarra Mexican chocolate sauce and horchata cream cheese. Lots of cinnamon flavor balanced with the bright hibiscus compote.


House Pancake Mix I Mexican Chocolate Sauce I Horchata Cream Cheese I  Hibiscus Compote


Allergens: Gluten (Pancakes)

Dairy (Cream Cheese, Compote, Chocolate Sauce, Pancakes)